When medicine and doctors almost kill you…

People don’t want to know about this, but it’s not really unusual. Medically induced illness: iatrogenic injury (third cause of death)

I discovered that an article from 2012 was getting traffic and so I read it again for the first time since I wrote it. (This is what it’s like — the article from 2012) … it gave me pause and then I started tweeting.

I tweeted these thoughts:

I was so fucking sick. Sometimes I think about it and just the thought of those times is traumatizing. It’s still often very difficult too which keeps it fresh.

I’ve come so far but when I think about what it was like it’s just horrifying. Horrifying, still, because it remains incredibly alienating…

And horrifying because I know that so many others are being made ill like I was made ill…yes MADE ill by psychiatric drugs and treatment…

and the fact remains that most people don’t want to even know that it’s possible to get so sick. it’s too frightening to face.

and so those of us who become this ill by any route are largely abandoned by all society because we are too terrifying to contemplate…

and then when we speak of it people hate us…want to tell us to shut up and to tell us we are an anomaly…but we really are not…I know of 10,000s of us…and there are many more who are not apparent on the internet.

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