What Is Helicobacter Pylori Infection & How It Makes You Sick?

H. pylori are a type of bacteria that grow in digestive tract and they have the ability to attack the lining of the stomach and usually infect the stomach. The infections of H. Pylori are usually harmless but they are responsible for various ulcers in stomach and small intestine. The “H” in the name stands for Helicobacter, while Helico means spiral as these bacteria are spiral shaped. These bacteria are usually present in more than half of all the people living in the world. H. Pylori typically infect the stomach during childhood. In some people, these strains of bacteria can cause certain diseases such as Peptic Ulcer and Gastritis. That is the reason, when you develop symptoms of these diseases then the doctor probably tests you for H. Pylori infection as it can be treated with medications.
Let’s see how H. Pylori makes you sick and how it can be diagnosed and treated, also learn about its symptoms, risk factors and complications:

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