I got an endoscopy and a different diagnosis: AN ULCER

before this one….

  • I went to the ER and all I got was this lousy non-running week!!
  • GERD – a week later
  • Twelve miles of GERD

Yeah, an ulcer. WHO get ulcers?? Well, with all I was expecting, I am quite relieved. Let me tell you…

I saw the gastroenterologist on Monday, and she gave me a different medication for the pain. A stronger medication. It scared me a bit because I had read about PPIs, the side effects and how long people stay on those. But, I noticed right away…. I had less pain on these. I even could slide down to a horizontal position at around 4 or 5 am when my stomach calmed down. YES.

Wednesday  afternoon I had the endoscopy at 2 pm. You can’t eat anything 8 hours before, and I am not supposed to eat 3 hours before I go to sleep, and I was still going to work so had to go to sleep early, so: I didn’t eat ANYTHING from 8 pm until 2 pm. A big deal if you consider how weak and hungry I already was. I was foggy all day and by time I was going to the clinic I was so light headed I wasn’t even sure I’d make it.

The intake was long and I realized this endoscopy was no small test but a PROCEDURE.  My vitals were not good, all was low. Apparently a blood sugar of 57 was too low and they put me on an IV with simple syrup. Lots of questions, tests, precautions. I told everyone I talked to to let Juan in as soon as they put me in recovery to wake up from the procedure. I felt safe and ready to do it.

Two seconds later, I wake up and Juan is there helicoptering.  I start talking super fast, I make no sense, and I am really dizzy, I had as many cups of apple juice I could get in. YUM. A bit later, the doctor comes over and explains: There was an ulcer. It’s 10 mm. (Ulcers could be caused by stress -stress?? WTF??? not sure I have any stress other than Juan proposing 5 times a day!- or it could also be cause by the aspirin I’ve taken every day for 9 years). It was NOT GERD, the acids were trying to eat out a part of me because they thought the ulcer was another burger… So the pills I am taking control the acid, which help the ulcer heal. I still need to do the GERD diet (acids hurt, and big meals stretch it all out, which makes the ulcer also hurt) for a bit and hopefully in a few weeks I will be able to eat more things, maybe still smaller meals… In a week I get the results of the biopsy, to see if there was a bacteria to treat with antibiotics (woohooo!!) and what’s the course to take.

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