Processed Meat is “bad” for You & everything else !

You’ve probably seen Week’s headlines, about the fact that  (***)>> processed meat has been classified as a ‘definite’ cause of cancer. And red meat is a ‘probable’ cause. FOR me this news it not new news,Haven’t we known this for like 20 years? And guess what– What to avoid: .. and any suggestion about nutrition from the government.  it’s just another bunch of stuff that later will be proved as “wrong” . Simply this report seems to target meats that are related to  (1)>> pork. ANYHOW do any of you remember how a few bureaucrats can try to control what you eat . Do you remember the nonsense about eggs ? They used to tell you that eggs were bad for , the government (USA) spent over a billion dollars in the decades of the 1990’s with propaganda as I would call it.warning about our egg consumption . Most of the dietary recommendations were made before the science could verify. However, the politicians did not want to wait because of the length of time good nutrition research takes. Also, a lot of the old science and recommendations were based on nutrition questionnaires of the subjects. As a report by an international World Health Organization describes the relationship between processed food in specific and red meat in general and various kinds of cancer. The headlines, of course, have been blunt. CNN Money phrases it this way: “Processed meat causes cancer, says  (3)>>WHO.” The results of the majority of popularly-published American food studies have been proven false after the fad fades away: saturated fats are bad, eggs and cholesterol are bad, red meat is bad for you, etc…. all of it is pure bunk. What is bad? lots of salt and lots of sugar– two thing that are normally hard to find in our natural food sources. Yes, today American meat is bad for you: beef is fed corn and other grains, which cattle don’t eat– they eat grass. As a result, bad fat ratio (omega-3:6) and same with soy-fed chickens. Industrial meat and food is just bad for you. Do we really need to swear off bacon?You get, …

Posted by mars309 at 5:10 PM


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