Do you feel like you are tired all the time? Are you having difficulty staying awake to watch your favorite TV shows or to do your favorite hobby? Most of us really know how it feels to be tired or sleepy, especially when we are having flu, cold or any other viral infection. Nearly, every one of us is overtired from time to time. But when you start experiencing constant lack of energy and on-going tiredness or fatigue, it may be the time to think about your condition and the best time to check with the doctor.

What is Fatigue?

Fatigue is the condition of a lingering tiredness that is constant and limiting. When you’re having fatigue, you may have persistent, unexplained and relapsing exhaustion. The feeling of fatigue is similar to that which you feel when having flu or missed a lot of sleep. In case of a chronic fatigue, you may wake up in the morning feeling as you haven’t slept or you may be unable to perform properly at work or you may feel too exhausted to manage your routine activities. In most cases, there is a reason for fatigue.

What are the causes of Fatigue?

Most of the time, one or more of your habits is associated with fatigue especially lack of exercise. Usually, fatigue is a symptom of any other medical condition or problem or disease that requires medical treatment.

Here’s a brief overview of some important causes of fatigue:


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