The deluge of text messages, calls and e-mails, I received for my two-serial write-up on ulcer, rattled me. Wait a minute, I said to myself. Do you know that most of us just assume we have peptic ulcer, because we have abdominal pain, or because someone suggested so, or because a doctor said so.
Most of us will blame everything, as the cause of our ulcer. Just take a glimpse of what people suggested were the causes of their ulcers.

  • One said the water in her village gave her ulcer.
  • Another said, “I took coke, and I developed ulcer.
  • I forgot to take my anti-worm drugs, which I do every 6 months, and I developed ulcer.
  • I came back to the East during “Abiola’s June 12”, the change of environment gave me ulcer.

My wife adds too much pepper and oil in food, that gave me ulcer.
We drink water from the well, that could give anybody ulcer.
There were other bizarre and controversial suggestions, which I dare not put in prints, lest people might question my sanity.
One redeeming call came from one woman from Otolo Nnewi, in Anambra State. Let me call her Mrs Esther Eze. She called me twice. First to inform me that she has ulcer, and to complain that she was tired of chewing antacids, drinking polycrol, cimitidine and numerous other anti-ulcer drugs. I sympathised with her and prescribed a drug and told her what to do. Four days later she called back, shouting, the equivalence of Eureka like Archimedes, when he discovered how to mesure the purity of gold. She was shouting “doc you have cured me”. “Doc I am healed”. I played that down, knowing that doctors give drugs, only God heals. I told her that I was happy the “omeprazol drug”, was of some help. ” Which omeprazol?”, she retorted. “My husband is yet to go to Nnewi town to buy the drug, it is the water treatment that cured me”. “Water treatment?”, I queried in embarrassment. “Yes”, she added exuberantly, ” you said, the last thing every night, after brushing my teeth, I should take two glasses of water, then first thing every morning, after brushing my teeth, I should also, take two glasses of water. I did that for two days and my ulcer pain disappeared”.

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