Beating Stage IV Colon Cancer at 40


Beating Stage IV Colon Cancer at 40

It’s a GO!!!

What a busy past few days! Thanks to the kindness and help of friends, my trip to DC went very smoothly. I was picked up by the NIH shuttle at the airport and since I was the only passenger, the driver kept me entertained and offered all the tips he could about NIH. Upon our arrival to the campus, I had to exit the shuttle with my luggage and go through security and get a badge. The driver had told me how nice everyone was and how it was everyone’s goal to make our stay as “good” as possible. You never know what to expect when you are about to enter a governmental facility but I must say that I was pretty impressed. The shuttle driver even offered to drop me off at my hotel on his way to refuel the van, that was very kind of him.

My first day at NCI was quite challenging as I woke up with pretty intense nausea. This is not something I usually deal with and I was totally unprepared for it. I have a feeling it could have been the not so good sushi I had for late dinner the night before. Obviously it could have been stress but I didn’t really feel stressed out so who knows? The NCI building is huge and let me tell you, having to find a bathroom quickly when your sip of water is coming back up is not too fun… but I managed to survive the day! After all the paperwork, blood work, and EKG, I met with the study nurse practitioner. She too was really nice and compassionate and she even offered to get me some zofran for the nausea, what a relief! After going through all my history and doing a physical exam, the doctor came in.

Dr. H. is a young (well I would say probably around my age – so my kids would say “old”!), smart, and personable doctor. He seemed easy going and pretty laid back. He started off by asking me if I had any questions! I chuckled and told him that my oncologist had most likely not prepped him for me! I showed him my page long list of questions and we went from there! He explained in details the rationale for the study and what the drug was supposed to do. He lost me a couple of times but I think I did a pretty good job at staying with him and I think I asked a few pretty smart questions! (despite not feeling at the top of my game…)



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