Foods That May Helps To Prevent Colon Cancer

Steps To Prevent The Colon Cancer

The most important step to prevent the Colon Cancer is the screening exam called Colonoscopy that is used to detect presence of Colon Polyps. This medical exam helps the doctor to know the actual condition of Polyps in the Colon. If the Polyp is of small size then it can be removed right away during the Colonoscopic exam. The person whose parents or siblings have Polyps or Colon Cancer is at high risk of developing it. Therefore, if a person has a family history of Colon Polyps or Colon Cancer then he/she must need to evaluate for Colonoscopic exam. The specialists at GI Endoscopy Practice are trained to perform Colonoscopy and then devise the treatment plan tailored according to patient’s needs. To learn more about our services, contact us now.

How To Detect Polyps at Early Stage ?

If the Polyps detected at early stage then they can be removed and a patient can be prevented from Colon Cancer. If Colon Cancer is diagnosed at advanced stage then chemotherapy, radiation or surgical treatment is recommended. Along with surgery, some fruits and vegetables are also recommended for the Colon Polyps treatment. The red, orange, yellow, green colored fruits and vegetables such as carrots, strawberries, oranges and peppers are rich in antioxidants. Similarly, vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprout and cabbage are rich in very high levels of cancer fighting chemicals and thus recommended by the doctors. It has been observed that people who eat these fruits and vegetables along with unprocessed grains have less Colon Cancer. The use of folic acid prevents Colon Cancer in women.

Growth of Colon Cancer

With the growth of Colon Cancer a wide range of researches and medical studies have been conducted about the treatment of the condition. We give you some facts that have been concluded from these studies. The use of meat rich diets can increase the risk of Colon Cancer. The risk depends on how the meat is prepared because smoked meat develops Cancer of Colon as compared to a reduced meat. The use of Fiber rich foods also reduces the risk of developing the condition. Calcium plays an important role in the development of food in human body. The lack of Calcium in the body leads to excessive growth of cells. Therefore, people should have enough intake of calcium in their diets.

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